Luxury Villa : 5 bedrooms

Chocolate Villa - 5 bedrooms

Location : Tabanan
Nyaman Villa are located near a stretch of sandy beach
5 Bedrooms + Bathroom

Luxury Villa : 4 bedrooms

Nyaman Villa - 4 bedrooms

Location : Seminyak
Nyaman Villa are located near a stretch of sandy beach

Luxury Villa - 4 bedrooms

Aqua Villa - 4 bedrooms

Location : Seminyak

Luxury Bali Private villa

 4 bedrooms + Bathrooms


Luxury Villa : The Plataran Bali

The Plataran Bali - 1,2 bedrooms
The PLataran Bali Resort & Spa - where the comforts of fine living seamlessly blend in with nature and tradition is an exotic labyrinth of Balinese Luxury with enchanted gardens and twenty traditional stylish Villas. PLataran Bali Resort & Spa is far from the madding crowd, yet just 30 minutes drive from the airport, comfortably tucked in next to a village and the lush green paddy fields with a river flowing alongside the villas.  

Luxury Villa : 3,4 bedrooms

The Akasha - 3,4 bedrooms

Introducing the brand new Akasha Private Beach luxury villas ideally located in the north of Seminyak. Akasha is a Sanskrit word standing for ‘sky’ and ‘space.’ To describe our superb location, we add the word ‘beach’, collectively reflecting harmony with the beauty of nature as the villas nestle 100 meters from the sun-kissed beach.